Applications For CD/DVD Publishing

Marketing Department

  • Product catalogs and demonstrations
  • Add video and multimedia to brochures to supplement marketing literature
  • Cut distribution costs by reducing the physical size and weight of the information being shipped
  • Create customer-specific CDs or DVDs
  • Use for alpha and beta testing

Training Departments and Educational Institutions

  • Instructors’ syllabus can be given to students on CD
  • Admissions departments can send complete catalogues including forms inexpensively
  • Student transcripts can be maintained on CD

Records Department

  • Archiving records is often a space sensitive issue. CD or systems can provide compact storage for any record storage application using an on-line CD library system.

Accounting Department

  • Send large, detailed invoices or statements to customers on CD
  • Telephone companies use Rimage systems for on-demand publishing of corporate customer long distance or mobile telephone billing statements
  • Payroll companies distribute corporate payroll information on CD
  • Banks, stock brokerages and other financial institutions distribute detailed account information on CDs

Engineering Department

  • Create interactive users manuals
  • Engineering field drawings
  • Store massive amounts of data in an on line library without increasing hard drive space

Additional Applications

  • Accounting and Finance archives
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Product spec sheets and literature
  • Multimedia CD/DVDs
  • Specialty database applications
  • Digital video distribution on CD/DVDs
  • Short run product CD/DVD
  • First run product introductions
  • Scanned document storage
  • Electronic manuals
  • Server and laptop offloading
  • Digital video archives
  • Inventory replacement