Amigo 2000


Rimage CD-R/DVD-R Publishing Products

Paper records are too bulky and expensive to mail. Floppy disks aren’t large enough to hold the amount of data we exchange with each other and on-line hard drive storage is expensive.

Vi-Spec has the answer to these dilemmas: store, send and access large amounts of data on CDs or DVDs with Rimage publishing products.

Linked to your company’s computer network, a Rimage On-Demand CD/DVD system can:

  • Record individual, detailed data and "burn" the image
  • Print indelible photographic-quality information on the surface of the disk
  • Personalize a print job to include names, dates or other customized data
  • Enhance your company’s image while saving time and money

Vi-Spec offers expert sales and customer service. Systems have user-friendly, network-based interfaces that allow concurrent network downloading, imaging and recording in a single unit. Easy PC connection supports all CD formats using Windows® 2000. Their printing technology offers true on-demand, photo-realistic printing of full coverage labels.